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We live in the digital age. This demands a lot from us personally. Especially if you are not 100% digital. Yet there is no way to completely shut yourself off from it. Not only private individuals can benefit from IT services. Every commercial activity, every company is also dependent on digital support up to a certain point. However, since not every company can employ appropriate specialists, it only makes sense to offer IT services for everyone. The IT service industry is thus one of the industries that can currently record exponentially high growth.


What exactly is meant by IT services?


IT stands for information technology. Which is the exact service in this area can be rated differently.


  • Definition 1: It is a service that is made available to one or more customers by an IT provider.
  • Definition 2: Information technology equipment is used. These support all of the customer's business processes. The installation and maintenance of this technology is known as an IT service.
  • Definition 3: Every IT service should be regulated via an SLA (Service Level Agreement). Because it is an individually tailored combination of personnel, technologies and processes. It can therefore be described as a closed unit for a specific customer. So it is variable.


Which area can it be?


The extent to which one would like to participate in the IT service is an individual decision. Some only want to program. For others, it is a need to familiarize the user, whether private or commercial, with the technology and to enable him to solve any problem that may arise. Only in this way can a technology be used continuously and without errors.


And then of course there are the electricians and fitters who put this equipment together. This sounds simple to begin with, but ultimately it isn't. No, especially in this area it is not absolutely necessary to study. But it can save you one or the other rung later on the career ladder if you have at least obtained a bachelor's or master's degree in an IT division.


We also find assistants from the various departments in the background for IT services. Many companies insist on delivering and assembling the hardware themselves before it runs through the first test applications. This has the advantage that everything stays in the same hands, i.e. the same company.


ATTENTION girls, let's get into battle


Yes, this appeal might be a little too much. But should more girls and young women actually dare to work in this area. There is nothing that cannot be programmed and assembled by them. Other countries are already showing us that a quota for women is not even necessary. Men and women are absolutely equal in this industry.


The following professions currently belong to this area:


  • Computer science assistant
  • Telecommunications and Electronic Reconnaissance Officer
  • Electrical system fitter
  • Electronics technician - automation technology
  • Electronics technician - industrial engineering
  • Electronics technician - building technology
  • Electronics technician - building and infrastructure systems
  • Electronics technician - devices and systems
  • Electronics technician - information and telecommunication systems
  • Electronics technician - information and system technology
  • Electronics technician - machines and drive technology
  • Electronics technician - pure craft
  • Electrical assistant
  • E-athletes
  • IT consultant
  • Specialist Application Development
  • IT specialist - system integration
  • Aircraft Electronics Technician
  • Industrial electrician
  • Industrial technologist
  • Information electronics technician
  • IT system electronics technician
  • Businessman for digitization management
  • IT system management specialist
  • Mathematical-technical software
  • Mechatronics engineer
  • Microtechnologist
  • Physics laboratory assistant
  • System electronics technician
  • Web designer


Yes, this seems like a very large number. Due to the advanced development of this branch, this specification of the different spheres of activity is absolutely necessary.




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