Waarom Het Zo Belangrijk Is Om Met Je Kat Te Spelen

Why It's So Important To Play With Your Cat


Playing with your cat is not only fun, it is also very important. In fact, your cat needs you to play with him or her to stay happy and healthy.

This is especially true for cats that don't go outside.

Cats need exercise


Just like us, cats need to move.
Just as it is not healthy for you to sit at your desk all day, it is not healthy for your cat to lie in his or her basket all day.


And your cat needs you to really get moving, because it can be very difficult for a cat to motivate itself to move.
Just as we humans do not always feel like exercising, while our body does need it.


So if you grab your cat toys and challenge your cat to play, you are doing something very important for your cat's health.

Prevent your cat from getting bored


The other big reason it's so important to play with your cat is to keep your cat from getting bored.


There is not much to do for cats that don't go outside.
They know every corner of the house and have seen or done everything before.

Your cat has no internet and he / she cannot turn on the TV himself.

So your cat goes to sleep.


Cats that are bored often also put their nails in all kinds of things, including your beautiful furniture.
And bored cats will follow you. They do this partly because they enjoy being with you, but partly because you are their only form of entertainment.


So grab your cat toys and play with your cat.
You entertain your cat with that, which gives it positive stimuli.
That will make your cat even happier.


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