3 E-Commerce Tips To Sell More Abroad

You have already built up a profitable business in your own country, but in actual sales within your country is not enough. You want to expand your webshop by not only focusing on your own country, but also crossing the border. In this article you will read three tips that you can use to better focus on target groups abroad, for a higher turnover across national borders.


Tip 1: give as much information as possible to the foreign customer

Foreign customers often worry about the delivery time of their purchases, any additional shipping costs they have to pay, providing information after placing an order and so on. The best way to alleviate their concerns and encourage them to make a purchase is to provide as much information over your website as possible about orders from abroad. Tell your foreign customers about the expected delivery time, the shipping costs you apply and what happens after placing an order. The more information you give, the less anxiety the foreign customer has. If the fear is removed, he or she will place an order faster. Don’t forget trying $1 Hosting USA for your business.


Tip 2: offer multiple payment options

In this online world, many people wants make payment online via different modes, but If you only offer payment options that are popular in your country, you will scare off foreign customers. They do not use your option, but pay in a different way. Find out which payment option your international customers prefer to pay with and at least offer this payment option. Preferably, you select several foreign payment methods for your webshop.

Tip 3: have a professional design

Webshops with a professional design not only attract more people, but also more foreign customers. Especially if customers are still a bit hesitant to make a purchase in your online shop, then the professional design of your online store will pull them over the line. If there are errors in your webshop, you have dead links in your online shop or the design of your webshop simply does not look professional, then there is little chance that you will sell something to foreign customers. By implementing some improvements in your online shop, you will not only address more people from your country, but also more people from abroad. Aside this, you must go with the 1 Dollar Hosting Canada to make your website LIVE 24/7.


Finally, communicate in the right way

An additional tip that we want to give you for attracting foreign customers in your webshop is that you have to communicate with your customers from abroad in the right way. In our country, we send an email if we want to ask a question or start a live chat with an employee of the webshop, but not everyone has these communication preferences. For example, in some countries Skype is very popular, while in others they prefer to call using an online store. And, Unlimited Reseller Hosting Australia is something you can’t forget. Delve into the communication preferences of your foreign target groups and offer these preferences in any case, so that you can attract as many foreign customers as possible with your online shop.

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