4 Main Reasons Medical Cleaning Services Are Prudent To Your Health Facility

It seems, at a glance, that cleaning – whether residential, commercial or medical – is merely cleaning. However, reputable cleaning businesses understand that every cleaning job is not the same. Certain cleaning techniques are more suitable for offices, where other cleaning techniques are more ideal for warehouses or medical facilities.

It’s more important than ever – with the coronavirus pandemic – that medical offices are professionally cleaned to lower the spread of germs.  When it comes to medical facilities, specialized medical office cleaning services NJ should always be considered. Why should you hire a company that specializes in medical facilities compared to a commercial cleaning business?


Why It’s So Important To Hire A Medical Cleaning Service Compared To Any Commercial Cleaning Business


Most people don’t know that there is a difference between medical and commercial cleaning services.  Commercial cleaning often involves the cleanup of grease, spills, debris, dirt, etc. Medical cleaning involves the cleanup of bodily fluids, saline, dangerous substances and a variety of pathogens.


Hospitals, clinics and other medical facilities treat infections and life-threatening illnesses. When these places are not properly cleaned and sanitized, they can proliferate and become even deadlier. This is especially true of people who have a compromised immune system. 


With the coronavirus, it is more important than ever for medical facilities to keep their buildings cleaned adequately. In-house cleaning staff may be to handle some of the duties, but a professional medical facility cleaning company has staff that has been trained to clean and sanitize these buildings properly.


4 Primary Reasons You Need To Hire Healthcare Cleaning Services NJ For Your Medical Facility


As you see, commercial cleaning services just do not have the proper tools and knowledge to properly clean and disinfect your medical office. But, what are the advantages to hiring such a company compared to an in-house staff?


Properly Trained Employees To Clean Medical Facilities


People go to a doctor’s office or hospital to get relief from their pain. The staff works hard to get them back on their feet. However, if the facility is not properly cleaned and sanitized, their efforts will be in vain. The person could get even sicker inside the facility. 


That’s because germs are running rampant when the building has not been appropriately taken care of.


At the height of both flu and cold seasons, a medical facility may see hundreds of sick people. A hospital running on a skeleton crew means patients are waiting for extended periods of time, which could increase germ spread.  A hospital or other medical facility could become the center of an outbreak if it’s not properly cleaned and sanitized.


Professional medical cleaning services NJ employees have been well-trained on the ins and outs of medical cleaning. They have the knowledge and tools to ensure the staff and visitors in the facility remain healthy.   Complete Care Maintenance made sure to train our employees to properly clean and sanitize hospitals, clinics and other facilities when the coronavirus pandemic hit.


Compliance With State and Federal Regulations


Complete Care Maintenance, along with other healthcare cleaning services, ensure that your medical facility remains in compliance with all state and federal regulations such as CBD, HIPAA, JCAHO, NJDOH, OSHA, etc.  With proper cleaning and sanitizing, you don’t have to worry about not complying with these agencies and their regulations.


A reputable cleaning company can ensure that the typical cleaning needs are met while also meeting the deep clean necessary to ensure compliance of eradicating pathogens and germs.  It is so crucial for a medical facility to abide by health authorities’ guidelines to prevent coronavirus spread.  Complete Care Maintenance can help you and your facility stay compliant.


Boost Profitability


When you look at the cost of a medical office cleaning service NJ compared to in-house cleaners, you may feel hiring outside the facility is more expensive. However, keep in mind that cleaning companies have been specially trained to ensure a medical facility is sanitized and hygienic. This kind of cleaning improves people’s outlook of the facility, making them more likely to come back when they feel you care about their health and safety.


You can do all the marketing you want, but word-of-mouth marketing is the most effective. If a person leaves your facility with a positive outlook, they’ll tell others about their experience. This will encourage those people to visit your facility and help to boost your bottom line.


However, word-of-mouth marketing can also do your facility a disservice if a patient leaves feeling unsatisfied and unhappy with their experience. If your facility is rundown, dirty, etc., they won’t recommend your services to people they know and may even advise them against it. Even in times of an emergency, they may choose another facility over yours. No matter what business you are in, this is a bad scenario to be in.


Doctors will also be hesitant to send their patients to your facility if they hear that your building isn’t being properly cared for and sanitized.  If you want to increase profits, you need to spend money to make it.




Some medical facility operators may be hesitant to use the services of a professionally trained medical cleaning company due to the expense. However, when you compare the costs of in-house staff to a professional company, it’s more affordable to hire an outside company. In-house staff will need to be trained on how to properly clean and sanitize the whole building. You’ll also need to invest in the equipment and tools necessary for them to work.

Professional cleaning companies already have the knowledge, tools and equipment necessary to keep your medical facility compliant.


Also, since your in-staff employees will do a deeper clean, you’ll also have to pay them more money than you’d actually pay a medical cleaning service NJ. In the long run, it’s more affordable to hire an outside company than training and paying your in-house employees.


Why COVID-19 Is Spurring In Increase In Medical Office Cleaning Services NJ


COVID-19 has been found to reside on frequently touched surfaces for days after initial exposure. As such, there is an increased risk of indirect coronavirus transmission infections. This is why medical Office Cleaning Services NJ, such as Complete Care Maintenance, have become so popular. We abide by the CDC, World Health Organization, and other health authorities’ guidelines to reduce the chance of secondary COVID-19 transmissions.


At Complete Care Maintenance, our services are open to hospitals, doctors’ offices, group practices, day surgery centers, nursing homes, dialysis centers, imaging centers, etc. We even offer our service to veterinary offices.  You can learn more about what we do or set up a time for us to come out to your facility by contacting us today.



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