What Are Statutory Holidays In Canada?

Do you want to know about Canadian Statutory Holidays? Well, a national statutory holiday in Canada is called as a "paid-day-off" holiday, which is also mentioned in the employment contract. At the time to create an employment contract you should always include that full salary is to be paid on these days to avoid future disputes and one should also know what are those days which we can call Statutory Holidays.

There are several holidays every year at the national level and such holidays are observed everywhere in Canada. Aside this, there are other stat and civic holidays on the provincial and territorial and municipal levels. One should know that Statutory holidays in Canada have some must-do activities. For instance, on the eve of New Year, you should either be having a party with your friends or to be on a cruise ship with family and friends or have a snowball fight or any other great activities to have fun. Similarly, on Canada Day its customary to rent a cottage if you don't have your own and travel "up north" for the long weekend. Overall, Employees get paid for statutory holidays if they qualify.

If you really want to know about the Public holidays in Canada or a complete list of the same, consider the suggested website, will provide you every detail you want. You won’t only find a complete list of holidays, but also know more about Northwest Territories Statutory Holidays 2021 to Nova Scotia Public Holidays, New Brunswick, Quebec Public Holidays and more details.


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