What Makes A Good Car Shipping Broker?

There are a number of factors that make an auto shipping company professional and everyone looking to move a car should have them in mind. To make it easier for you to hire the best car shipping broker, we’ve outlined those factors below so let’s have a look at them:

3rd Party Reviews:

One of the best things a car shipping company can have going for it is the positive reviews on the internet left by its customers. No matter how professional a company claims to be, if people who’ve tried its services are not satisfied, you should not hire it.

So, if an auto transport service provider has great reviews on Google, Facebook, BirdEye, BBB, and other platforms then yes, it is a good car shipping broker.

Competitive Offerings:

Every car transport broker can ship your vehicle from point A to B. What makes a company incredibly attractive to customers is additional offerings. Many vehicle shipping companies offer things like free car storage in case of delays, free car wash after delivery, and free transport for you if your car’s delivery is delayed, and so on.

Some even offer guaranteed pickup dates, which is honestly a luxury in the auto transport industry because almost every auto shipping broker gives you an estimated pickup range, not an exact date.

Being Honest From the Start:

Honesty is the best policy, no matter the line of business you are in. But when it comes to auto transport, a lot is on the line for customers ranging from their time, money and an expensive car.

So if you work with a car shipping service provider that’s honest from day one regarding their shipping time, pick-up dates, and prices then they are one of the good guys in the industry.

You can get a better idea of their honesty by reading 3rd party reviews. If no one has complained about a company being dishonest, then yes, it is a good broker.

Multiple Shipping Options:

Every auto transport service provider in the industry has different car transport options including air, sea, and road. However, professional auto brokers offer more, they will allow you to ship your car in an enclosed container for more safety, have it shipped alone for faster delivery, provide door-to-door delivery, and shipping of fleet with discounted prices, and so on.

These professionals also have an instant shipping quote calculator on their websites to help their clients quickly get an idea of the price of shipping a car from point A to B.

Excellent Communication:

Fast responses, 24/7 availability, and frequent car shipping progress updates make an auto shipping company incredibly professional. Having a polite, friendly, and helpful staff keeps their customers happy and satisfied, which is what every business wants.

When your car is being shipped, you might be worried about its protection and need frequent progress updates. This is what differentiates a good broker from a lazy one. Professional companies will keep you updated on the process and progress.

Parting Words:

Getting cheap car shipping quotes is not enough to judge how good a broker is. Most of the time, the cost to ship a car quoted at the start doesn’t match with the final quote because the company was just trying to hook the customer in. Honest brokers will be upfront with their pricing but the service level is also incredibly professional.

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